01 // "helplessness blues" - fleet foxes
02 // "the only one" - the black keys
03 // "winter song" - the head and the heart
04 // 'til kingdom come" - coldplay
05 // "i'll be your man" - the black keys

a little bit of what i'm listening to this week.
some lovey songs because i'll be picking up my honey at the airport on friday for
a special weekend together. and a lot of black keys, because we're seeing them here
in nashville for a little anniversary celebration. also, i may or may not have ran into
dan auerbach [of the black keys] the other day and exchanged a smile or two....


over the weekend, franklin celebrated the 30th annual main street festival.
with hundreds of artists, crafters and vendors placed around downtown, it
was sure to be a good time. unfortunately, those april showers wanted to go
out with a bang and it rained for two days straight. luckily, by sunday the
weather began to clear up. giving us moments of sunshine and happy faces.

i met up with a few friends and beasley the dog, you might remember her...
we wandered through the sea of people who like us, were happy to be outdoors.
the smell from the food trucks and sounds of bluegrass bands lingered throughout the streets.
of course, beasley made several friends. i'm beginning to think she's the most popular pup in town.

i've been attempting to keep busy around here since the minor setback with the travel plans.
i am so grateful for the people in my life and the community i have grown to become a part of.
they have warmed my heart and kept a smile on this face, even on days when i feel like falling to pieces.
it's been such a blessing to my life. hope your week is wonderful!

ps... i shared my [ go . read . sip ] list on the maiedae blog. check it out here!


over the weekend, there were many things to celebrate.
earth and record store day celebrations were in full force. 
i woke up early saturday morning and stopped in the franklin 
farmer's market with my dad. we picked up fresh flowers and 
listened to several beatles' covers, while wandering around on a 
perfect spring morning. the afternoon was spent swinging in the
sun with a four year old and my stomach twisted in knots...

on sunday, we had a family lunch at my grandmother's to
celebrate my uncle's birthday. it sure is nice to all be together.
we visited in the backyard and recalled countless memories from 
the last twenty years spent there. by sunday evening, i was exhausted. 
so i ended my weekend with some peaceful reading by donald miller. 


01 // "back down south" - kings of leon | come around sundown
02 // "knocked up" - kings of leon | because of the times
03 // "taper jean girl" - kings of leon | aha shake heartbreak
04 // "true love way" - kings of leon | because of the times
05 // "the end" - kings of leon | come around sundown

somehow over the last few years i've completely forgotten how much i love this band.
i know... i'm still kind of scratching my head over it. but it probably has something to do
with listening to the cd's so much infact they just stopped working one day. and then they
were everywhere playing sold out shows and the greatest thing since sliced bread. and my
little music lovin heart was hurt because for a while, they were like this great little secret.
the other day i came across a few old albums and i just can't stop listening now. enjoy!


+ watching the storms roll in at barista parlor
+ caramel lattes and good conversation
+ future gift ideas
+ lunch at mas tacos
+ cast iron chicken tacos
+ paper source

i spent a rainy day last week at a few of my new favorite spots
in nashville. this city has evolved so much in the seven years i've
been gone. these past few months have been spent getting re-aquainted
with the place i grew up. meeting new friends, making new memories
with family and appreciating each minute i have here. 

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a few weeks ago we hiked the panther branch trail.
we woke up with the sunrise after camping in the woods.
after packing up our things, we brewed two cups of coffee
and readied ourselves for a day hike before heading back home.

we wandered across debord falls and a single stream
that flowed down from the top of the mountain into a
rushing river below. the rocks were covered in moss and
wildflowers were beginning to bloom along the trail. at the
top of the mountain was a solemn campsite. complete with
a single fire pit, fifty odd square feet of land and a breathtaking view.


well, life threw us a bit of a curveball yesterday.
just as soon as i booked a flight to meet carter in ohio,
he got transferred to oklahoma and was to be there by sunday.

this morning, while he packed up his room, i cancelled my flight.
we talked for most of his eight hour drive. about the flooded roads of
indiana and several parks + recreation jokes. through all of this, we are
trying to stay positive and supportive. it's tough when you think you will
be together in a few days and in a matter of minutes, it turns into two weeks.

so tonight he is staying in saint louis. and enjoying his first visit in the city.
after settling in his room, he walked through the streets of downtown, visited
the gateway arch and the old courthouse. before heading back, he stopped in
at the bridge to grab dinner, which he said was incredible. it looks like it to me!

i can't wait to be by his side throughout all of this.
but for now, i am incredibly grateful for the photos.
making me feel like i'm right there with him.



last week, portland photographer and instagram pal branden harvey came for a visit.
a few local friends with huge hearts put him up for a few days and showed him around.
on sunday afternoon, several fellow nashvillians helped branden put together an "instameet."
about thirty of us showed up to percy warner park in hopes of a great afternoon and it did not 
disappoint. we congregated at the base of the park and mustered through a few awkward hellos. 
it's funny how you can follow and chat with someone through social media and feel like you know
so much about a person. but those first few words can be tough, or at least for shy people like me...

branden came around and greeted everyone with a big hug and a smile that stretched across his face. 
most of us attempted to introduce ourselves and joked about how we must look like a "eharmony" group to passersby. 
we slowly made our way to the top of the park. stopping to take a few group photos and still getting to know one another. 
naturally, we broke off into groups and disappeared into the woods. branden is the creator of the #storyportrait 
and inspired us all to learn about the other's story.

we spent a few hours roaming around and shooting photos before ending the night at a coffee shop.
it was so wonderful to meet so many local talented photographers and down right good people!

pictured above are a few of my favorites from the day. i even met a snail! 
you can check out the rest of the photos and more to come here or under #instaventure_nashville.
and go follow these new friends of mine that took some of these amazing shots. 

branden harvey || jordyn gehret || brian baker || sammi horne || matt brock
jackie o || timothy girard || austin presas || paul riley || lauren cloninger || quinn erwin || sara estensen