there aren't many things here lately that make me happier
than being deep in the middle of the woods with my best friend.

after a few days together tucked away in the frozen head forest, 
we got the news that we will be spending the few weeks [ as of now ]
in the ohio countryside. carter heads north in the morning and while i am currently
back in nashville, it's only temporarily. i booked my flight to re-unite with him next
week and couldn't be more excited. we are already making lists of places to visit and 
mountains to climb. i can't wait to share with you all bits + pieces of this new journey.

follow along with us as we travel the country on instagram // blackbiirdfly // #millersdoamerica 


  1. Love all of your precious wanderings! Getting lost in the woods is so good for the soul. I'm about due for a good camping trip. ;)

    1. Go for it before it gets too miserably hot! :)

  2. How beautiful! I love the wild! I used to camp and stuff when I was young but I haven't for so long. Jason desperately wants to but I'm always the hold out. Maybe this fall! Who knows right?


    1. You should definitely do it! And fall is a great time because of the cool weather and pretty scenery. The good thing is you can always find campsites where you camp right next to yor car ( and everything you want to bring! ) And some places even have bath houses where you can shower, brush your teeth, etc. Ya know, if you don't feel like actually "roughin it" :)


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