the weather here in knoxville has been absolutely glorious the last few days. 
carter has to be in the office during the week while we're here, but thankfully
we've been able to spend some days off together. so what do we do? eat and explore. 
we spent a sunny day roaming around the old city and james white's fort. the beautiful
dogwood trees are beginning to bloom. and colorful wildflowers are sprouting all through 
out the town. we've enjoyed peaceful morning views of the lake and grabbing dinner at one
of our favorite spots in town. there is just something special about knoxville in the springtime. 


  1. LOVELY. You're right, the weather has been divinity.

    We need to have a Knoxville blogger hangout!

    1. Yes, absolutely. I'm heading back to Nashville in the morning but next time we are here visiting, I'll be in touch! :)

  2. It's incredible how much prettier everything looks during this season. Loving all of your pretty little spring things!

  3. I love old buildings, they are so pretty! And your outfit is sooo cute! I heart your sandals and your striped tee!! I am so excited that spring is here too! It feels like it has been long awaited! :) Hope you are having a lovely day friend!



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