last week, portland photographer and instagram pal branden harvey came for a visit.
a few local friends with huge hearts put him up for a few days and showed him around.
on sunday afternoon, several fellow nashvillians helped branden put together an "instameet."
about thirty of us showed up to percy warner park in hopes of a great afternoon and it did not 
disappoint. we congregated at the base of the park and mustered through a few awkward hellos. 
it's funny how you can follow and chat with someone through social media and feel like you know
so much about a person. but those first few words can be tough, or at least for shy people like me...

branden came around and greeted everyone with a big hug and a smile that stretched across his face. 
most of us attempted to introduce ourselves and joked about how we must look like a "eharmony" group to passersby. 
we slowly made our way to the top of the park. stopping to take a few group photos and still getting to know one another. 
naturally, we broke off into groups and disappeared into the woods. branden is the creator of the #storyportrait 
and inspired us all to learn about the other's story.

we spent a few hours roaming around and shooting photos before ending the night at a coffee shop.
it was so wonderful to meet so many local talented photographers and down right good people!

pictured above are a few of my favorites from the day. i even met a snail! 
you can check out the rest of the photos and more to come here or under #instaventure_nashville.
and go follow these new friends of mine that took some of these amazing shots. 

branden harvey || jordyn gehret || brian baker || sammi horne || matt brock
jackie o || timothy girard || austin presas || paul riley || lauren cloninger || quinn erwin || sara estensen


  1. I love the feel to all of these pictures!

  2. oh im so jealous! i saw this on brandons feed and ive been dying to go to nashville.


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