a few weeks ago we hiked the panther branch trail.
we woke up with the sunrise after camping in the woods.
after packing up our things, we brewed two cups of coffee
and readied ourselves for a day hike before heading back home.

we wandered across debord falls and a single stream
that flowed down from the top of the mountain into a
rushing river below. the rocks were covered in moss and
wildflowers were beginning to bloom along the trail. at the
top of the mountain was a solemn campsite. complete with
a single fire pit, fifty odd square feet of land and a breathtaking view.


  1. I'd more than love to see a post about your favorite camping essentials! Christian and I are actually planning a little camping trip in the hills of Austin sometime in June and I'd love some pointers on what to pack. From a pro, of course. ;)

    1. How exciting! And I will definitely work on that :) I've been wanting to do something like that for awhile but with our current living situation, I haven't had the chance. Half of our camping things are in a storage unit in another city and the other half is with Carter in Oklahoma!

  2. These pictures are amazing. What camera/editing do you use?

    1. Thank you so much Kelly. All of these photos were actually taken with my iphone 4 and edited with the vscocam app.

  3. gorgeous pictures :) x

  4. Breathtaking is right!! These are simply amazing. This is right where I would love to be!

  5. so gorgeous! these pictures looks so calm and peaceful!


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