while carter was away, i missed our weekly hiking trips.
we've been hiking a new spot every week since the new year began.
but it was officially spring, feeling like winter and raining constantly here.
instead of passing the time and spending the days outdoors, i got a bad case of cabin fever.
thankfully, the sun came out for a day or two. so i took advantage and headed to a local park.

although i was missing carter's company, it was such a relaxing day.
i sat by the water with this song playing and felt more at peace than i have in months.

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  1. So beautiful! Absolutely stunning photos of a gorgeous area - wish I could be there right now!

    1. Thank you so much! It was such a treat after weeks of nasty weather.

  2. beautiful pictures.

  3. Ok so naturally amazing photos dude! WOW doesn't cut it! Secondly awwww! I always feel for people who are missing loved ones. I used to hate when my Jason would have to go across the country on an annual business trip. Luckily he moved to a different department so I don't have to deal with that anymore. And yes thank goodness Spring is finally here!


    1. Thanks so much lady! Oh man, annual CROSS COUNTRY trips? That would suck. My guy just started a new job which will have him traveling across the country and staying in certain cities anywhere from 1-3 months at a time. Luckily, I will be joining him here shortly :)


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