well, life threw us a bit of a curveball yesterday.
just as soon as i booked a flight to meet carter in ohio,
he got transferred to oklahoma and was to be there by sunday.

this morning, while he packed up his room, i cancelled my flight.
we talked for most of his eight hour drive. about the flooded roads of
indiana and several parks + recreation jokes. through all of this, we are
trying to stay positive and supportive. it's tough when you think you will
be together in a few days and in a matter of minutes, it turns into two weeks.

so tonight he is staying in saint louis. and enjoying his first visit in the city.
after settling in his room, he walked through the streets of downtown, visited
the gateway arch and the old courthouse. before heading back, he stopped in
at the bridge to grab dinner, which he said was incredible. it looks like it to me!

i can't wait to be by his side throughout all of this.
but for now, i am incredibly grateful for the photos.
making me feel like i'm right there with him.


  1. Gosh, that's tough stuff. I've been in your shoes before (well, not exactly. no one is ever in the exact situation.) It sounds like you two are doing your best, and that's all you really can do right now. There is a lot to be said about that! Stay strong and never forget why you're doing what you're doing. Wishing you the best. You'll get through! I just know it! :)

    1. You always have the most uplifting words. Thank you sweet Sarah!

  2. that's suck!
    you'll make it through :)


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