01 // "us" - regina spektor
02 // "fire in the water" - feist
03 // "sounds like hallelujah" - the head and the heart
04 // "down the line" - jose gonzalez
05 // "wagon wheel" - darius rucker *

* i had been hearing for weeks about this cover of the old crow classic. 
carter and i usually giggle about it considering people will speak like it was their first time hearing the song, ever... 
( which i do realize for a lot of non folk / bluegrass lovers like us, it could be. ) 
but for us, we remember back in the early college days even before we met where there would be late nights filled with this and other OCMS tunes. 
and more or less overplaying wagon wheel! 
while we were living in south carolina, we had a few mutual friends of darius + family, he's a fellow charlestonian and we always loved bumping into him. 
so this morning i finally gave it a listen. i've always been a fan from the hootie days to his semi-country crossover and this is no exception. 
not only do i enjoy his take on the song, but also the duck dynasty cameos ( my favorite) and that is was filmed around nashville! 

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  1. I LOVE his version of Wagon Wheel! One of my favorite songs. :)


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