01 // "back down south" - kings of leon | come around sundown
02 // "knocked up" - kings of leon | because of the times
03 // "taper jean girl" - kings of leon | aha shake heartbreak
04 // "true love way" - kings of leon | because of the times
05 // "the end" - kings of leon | come around sundown

somehow over the last few years i've completely forgotten how much i love this band.
i know... i'm still kind of scratching my head over it. but it probably has something to do
with listening to the cd's so much infact they just stopped working one day. and then they
were everywhere playing sold out shows and the greatest thing since sliced bread. and my
little music lovin heart was hurt because for a while, they were like this great little secret.
the other day i came across a few old albums and i just can't stop listening now. enjoy!

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  1. I love the Kings of Leon! Fans is my fave! It's so true that you kind of move on musically and it's nice to revisit!


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