summer feels like it's right around the corner.
sunny afternoons and ice cream dates with sweet friends.
i'll miss these people once i'm on the road but promises of pen
pals and visits back home means many more days like this to come.

ps... that was the best ice cream cone i've ever had!

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i first met taylor while working at the local skating rink in high school. 
she was around eleven at the time and always called me her big sister.
for years i watched her grow up and mature into this beautiful young woman.
a few days ago i got the chance to spend the afternoon with her and her son, liam.
seeing the two of them together and how he'd reach up for her hand melted my heart. 

here are a few of my favorites from our mother's day session.


a few days ago i met up with friends and fellow photographers to explore.
there was no set plan, just a distant idea of old barns and fields of wildflowers.
we decided to keep the trespassing to a minimum and set off for a wooded area
that one of us knew of. it took a few wrong turns and an off road adventure until
we finally decided to park and walk the rest of the way. we hiked up a long, muddy
path until we reached the woods. we began to wander through grass as tall as my waist
and sharp as razors. then came the thick of the trees which halfway through we realized
we were surrounded by poisonous plants and cedar... tick country. while everyone else was
in short sleeves, i had a long skirt and minnetonka boots. we were all exposed to every aspect
of danger that surrounded us. after a thirty minute hike, one sprint through a golf course and
hopping across a muddy spring, we reached our destination. a grassy field with an abandoned home and barn.

there's no telling how long the land has been empty. the floors and ceiling were covered in dirt and
broken glass. it was obvious this place is well known by the children who live nearby. we explored
every corner of the home, making up stories of how it came to be and who had once built a life in those
four walls. we made our way to the barn through more treacherous fields. the fight against mosquitoes and
ravenous ticks began to wear on us and we soon decided it was time to head back to the car.

these people are adventurers, who crave nature and a good exploration.
they also have good hearts and love jesus. i feel so lucky to know them.

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if you're ever visiting nashville and looking for a short day trip,
i highly suggest stopping by franklin. there are so many wonderful
little spots that will appeal to everyone in the family. main street is lined
with restaurants, boutiques and even a toy store. there are several pubs and
coffee shops along with the old franklin theater. we stumbled upon some great
antique shops which required much more time to explore than we had. and ended
the day at one of my favorite places in town, meridees. you must try the chicken salad!

see part one, here.


i spent the morning wandering through the streets of downtown franklin.
the weather was all sorts of wonderful. so i grabbed my camera, packed a
bag and set out to explore this little town i live in. i've walked along these old
sidewalks hundereds of times, but there's just something great about sunshine
and a good playlist as you're taking time to appreciate the world around you.

and let's be honest, people watching is always fun! :)


01 // "girl from the north country" - bob dylan + johnny cash
02 // "tiny dancer" - elton john
03 // "i've been loving you too long" - otis redding
04 // "what'd i say" - ray charles
05 // "little green bag" - george baker selection

i'm trying to get back into the swing of things around here.
the rainy weekend put me in a perpetual groove of laziness.
here's what i've been listening to while being a couch potato all week. enjoy!



last week, we had a few days of glorious, spring-like weather.
i met up with rachel, carter's sister who recently moved to town.
i've enjoyed sharing all of my favorite spots with her and hoping to make her
transition a little easier. we stopped by the pharmacy in east nashville which is
always wonderful. i spent many afternoons admiring our cherry blossom tree in
the backyard. sadly, after five days of rain, this tree is now bare. i also changed my
route up a bit by taking backroads into town. there are fields of wildflowers and acres
of farm land including this one with a few overly friendly cows. i promise he has four legs!

hope you are all having a great week so far.