a few days ago i met up with friends and fellow photographers to explore.
there was no set plan, just a distant idea of old barns and fields of wildflowers.
we decided to keep the trespassing to a minimum and set off for a wooded area
that one of us knew of. it took a few wrong turns and an off road adventure until
we finally decided to park and walk the rest of the way. we hiked up a long, muddy
path until we reached the woods. we began to wander through grass as tall as my waist
and sharp as razors. then came the thick of the trees which halfway through we realized
we were surrounded by poisonous plants and cedar... tick country. while everyone else was
in short sleeves, i had a long skirt and minnetonka boots. we were all exposed to every aspect
of danger that surrounded us. after a thirty minute hike, one sprint through a golf course and
hopping across a muddy spring, we reached our destination. a grassy field with an abandoned home and barn.

there's no telling how long the land has been empty. the floors and ceiling were covered in dirt and
broken glass. it was obvious this place is well known by the children who live nearby. we explored
every corner of the home, making up stories of how it came to be and who had once built a life in those
four walls. we made our way to the barn through more treacherous fields. the fight against mosquitoes and
ravenous ticks began to wear on us and we soon decided it was time to head back to the car.

these people are adventurers, who crave nature and a good exploration.
they also have good hearts and love jesus. i feel so lucky to know them.

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  1. Hi!!! I love the photos! :) Keep shooting, dear!

  2. this is so fun.
    i need to get a group of adventurers.


  3. Looks magical! I love that backlit photo of the group the most!

  4. What I lovely way to spend a day. I'm inspired- there aren't enough adventures happening in my life.

  5. Oh, how nice! I love it. This is definitely something myself would enjoy... exploring with friends, nature, photographing... all the things that make my heart happy. :)

  6. Where did the girls get their hats? Lately I'm obsessed with finding the perfect hat and have yet to be pleased haha!!

    1. Mine (the grey one) is from Banana Republic sale rack) I'm not sure about the other. Possibly gifted or thrifted :)

  7. Where did the girls get their hats??? I have been searching for one of those in brown or black and have yet to be pleased!!!!

  8. Love them both. YOu're gorgeous! Sorry I didn't recognize that it was you in the gray hat....


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