the past three weeks have flown by before my eyes. i've traveled through five states,
"lived" in three cities and slept in six rooms. we've driven over fifteen hundred miles.
through out the blue ridge and cumberland mountains, the pennsylvania turnpike, and
the seven valleys. most days were spent working in the room and watching the first two
seasons of how i met your mother. we're constantly researching places to hike and taking
afternoons to explore nearby towns. we've even had a date night or two.

over the weekend, we drove the six hundred miles back to tennessee for a turn-around visit.
i'm back in nashville for the next week, visiting home and shooting a 50th anniversary party.
while i'm already missing carter, i'm thrilled to spend time with family and friends before flying
back to west virginia. hopefully, i will have some time to catch up on blogging! :)

here's a few weekend links for you, inspired by danielle.

+ loving these chalkboard printables from yellow bliss road
+ meet zach sobiech. he will change your life. he did mine...
+ my friend paul takes some beautiful images. check them out!
+ this recipe for honey dipped doughnut waffles. you're welcome.

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01 // "san francisco" - the mowgli's
02 // "sweater weather" - the neighbourhood
03 // "heartbeats" - the knife
04 // "mountain sound" - of monsters and men 
05 // "ride" - lana del rey

it's been a while since i've been able to share a weekly playlist with you. 
life on the road has been great but there are plenty of hectic days. switching hotels
and moving from city to city on a moment's notice has kept us on our toes. luckily
on the days we're working from the room, there has been plenty of time to discover
new music and i can't wait to share it with you. here's what i'm listening to this week!

listen to past playlists here....
and as always, i'd love to hear what you're listening to as well! 

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last weekend we got to spend a night in marietta, ohio. carter spent a few weeks here back in april and loved it. we stayed at the historic lafayette hotel overlooking the ohio river. we walked down the riverfront and across the rusted harmac bridge to the sweetest little town. there were beautiful hydrangeas around every home and the coolest toy store inside of a train. the town was quiet which made it even more pleasant to wander through the streets hand in hand. we grabbed drinks at mbc before getting burgers at the galley. both places were incredible and i am hoping to return soon. we ended the night on the rooftop of the hotel watching the sun set over the river. it was such a great over night trip with my guy. i think we both are crossing our fingers that work will bring us to marietta again soon for a little extended stay.


one of the sweetest roads we stumbled upon in beaver, pennsylvania.
we spent many afternoons walking up and down this road by the river.
at the end, there is an old log home that showcases furnishings and other
antiques from the early 1800s era. it was so humbling to see glimpses of
what life may have been like. the garden is still maintained and just beautiful.
with the river flowing in the background, this was one of my favorite spots in town.


we drove up to mount washington while visiting the pittsburgh area.
and i completely fell head over heels for the place. there were amazing
views overlooking the city and the point where the allegheny and the
monongahela rivers flow together to create the ohio river. we walked
across the cobblestone roads and admired the homes lining the streets.
i'm not sure why but this town reminded me so much of the northwest
and had me longing for another visit. but for now, there will be several
more visits here. including coffee, ice cream and a few incline rides.


a day trip to pittsburgh.
starting with the strip district.
walking around the open market.
lunch at the infamous primanti brothers.
and attempting to walk that delicious sandwich off....

primanti brothers is on the list of 1,000 places to see before you die and the best sandwiches in america.
if you're ever in the area, you have to give this place a try. the grilled turkey was incredible!


we found ourselves in the quiet little town of beaver a few days ago.
this place reminding me so much of "home" it made my heart happy.
and of course, when i passed by "witch flavor" i knew i needed that cone...

other fun facts about the town of beaver :

+ originally home to the shawnee tribe.
+ it's rated among the top ten neighborhoods to live in near pittsburgh.
kretchmar's bakery has the best chocolate chip cookies.
+ they really like this song and this one. no, seriously. every other song.
+ scenes from adventureland, love & other drugs and i am number four were filmed here.
+ currently home to levanti's as seen on kitchen nightmares. and yes, we figured that out as we were ordering...

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we've spent the last week in west pennsylvania.
enjoying breakfast in bed and working from the room.
the town is small and lonely. once a thriving city filled with
life is now a desolate home to ex-steel mill workers. there are
beautiful towns nearby that we visit almost daily. whether that
be running errands, grabbing lunch or taking afternoon walks by
the river. we are just enjoying this time and experience together...

ps... is that not the largest cow you've ever seen!?