photo by lauren cloninger

i had a little two week unexpected blogging break. so i'll catch you up on where i've been. continue reading, if you'd like.

after a month long job in oklahoma, carter came home. leaving a few hours before moore was hit.
i think i spent the next few days clinging to him, hugging him, and thankful he was back safely.
we spent a night in nashville before heading to knoxville to catch up with his family. we were under
the impression we would only be there for a few days before heading off to our first destination
together, so i left my laptop charger at home. and well, we spent a week and a half there. we met
up with friends, played with our nephews, moved a sister into a new home, celebrated memorial
day, hiked thirty miles and i took around 400 pictures.

we took a mini road trip through memphis. spent the weekend with my family in nashville and i
packed my bags to get on the road. currently, we are back in knoxville. as of now, we are heading
to pennsylvania on wednesday to spend a few weeks while carter works. i'm looking forward to
seeing parts of the north, amish communities, hiking in new forests and all with my best friend.

happy to be back and will be catching up on posting this week.
oh and if you're still here, thanks for sticking around! :)


  1. Sounds like you've been having a lovely time-- worth taking a blogging break for!

  2. So happy you're enjoying this time traveling! Sounds like a blast!


  3. Glad everyone is safe and you've been enjoying the break! Such a nice blog :)


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