the past three weeks have flown by before my eyes. i've traveled through five states,
"lived" in three cities and slept in six rooms. we've driven over fifteen hundred miles.
through out the blue ridge and cumberland mountains, the pennsylvania turnpike, and
the seven valleys. most days were spent working in the room and watching the first two
seasons of how i met your mother. we're constantly researching places to hike and taking
afternoons to explore nearby towns. we've even had a date night or two.

over the weekend, we drove the six hundred miles back to tennessee for a turn-around visit.
i'm back in nashville for the next week, visiting home and shooting a 50th anniversary party.
while i'm already missing carter, i'm thrilled to spend time with family and friends before flying
back to west virginia. hopefully, i will have some time to catch up on blogging! :)

here's a few weekend links for you, inspired by danielle.

+ loving these chalkboard printables from yellow bliss road
+ meet zach sobiech. he will change your life. he did mine...
+ my friend paul takes some beautiful images. check them out!
+ this recipe for honey dipped doughnut waffles. you're welcome.

and oh yeah...  see ya later google reader, hello bloglovin'
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  1. Oh how I've missed you! I was so excited to take a peek at all of your travels! It still amazes me how much you've traveled in a pretty short amount of time, but your pictures are gorgeous and I'm envying how incredible it was. I'm aching to take a road trip now!

    1. You and Christian come meet us, there's a roadtrip for ya! :) Glad you are back. Things have been hectic, trying to chase wi-fi, keep up with blogging and staying inspired to say the least :)


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