while visiting knoxville, i spent a nice morning with carter's mama.
she needed to run by stanley's greenhouse and thought it would be a
great idea for me to grab my camera and tag along. and she was right.

i fell in love with the rows of color and the light pouring in from above.
i found that listening to her share her knowledge with me was inspiring.
this trip affirmed my dream of someday having our own sustainable garden.

"flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful;
they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."  // luther burbank


  1. I need to run to a greenhouse and pick up some green for my home. We have a lot on the deck, but not a lot in the house. Love these pictures!


  2. Great pictures! I have a tiny patio that doesn't get a lot of sunlight so there aren't many things I can plant, but I enjoy what I do plant!

  3. Beautiful photos. I need to go get some plants for my balcony!

    Jillian -

  4. absolutely lovely pictures, so glad i stumbled on your blog.


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