while driving around pittsburgh, i couldn't help but feel a little at home.
although i love nothing more than the woods and country side, being in a
buzzing city is familiar to me. we sat in traffic while driving through downtown
which helped us take in our surroundings. the streets changed from historic to modern
with every other block. we found the best place for lunch near southside, the bicycle cafe.
carter was in heaven and is ready to go back. we also drove down to the pirate's stadium to
check out the area. we're planning an over night trip to catch our first baseball game together
and spend the night over the allegheny river! we also stumbled upon the modern cafe one afternoon
where we had the best rueben sandwiches. they even won an award for them! i can't wait to explore more of the city.
if you have any recommendations, let me know :)

check out part one of our visit here!

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  1. love the way you present pittsburgh! great photos :)

    1. thanks so much nora! i love exploring that city. i'm only about an hour away currently and already anticipating my next visit and a pirates game!

  2. Looks like fun! love your pic's. : )

    ~Sarah : )http://sarahslittlerandomthoughts.blogspot.com/


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