lately, we are working on stressing less.
most days are spent working out of the room.
we are both still adjusting to a new job in a new town.
and with all of the rain and long hours, we haven't spent
as much time outdoors as we would like. so when we found
ourselves with a few free hours last weekend, we decided to
spend the day in pittsburgh. we drove to mount washington
where we grabbed drinks and a late brunch at bigham tavern.
they have a great menu and in carter's opinion, the best bloody mary.
afterwards we walked around southside before heading back over to west virginia.

since then, we have worked like crazy to tie up any loose ends before the weekend.
tomorrow we are heading back to knoxville to spend carter's birthday with his family.
i can't wait to squeeze our little nephews and visit with some of my favorite places in town.


  1. I love all the pictures you share, the style, the editing, it all is so perfect!

    Xo, Kelsey

  2. glad that you got time to enjoy life. hope that everything falls into place sooner than later

    1. thank you kindly. i hope it doesn't come off too negative. it's just been a little hectic and i've not been as inspired. here's to a more positive week! :)

  3. looks like a great little trip to Pittsburgh, not to mention your meal and mimosa looks mouth watering!

  4. How wonderful! I think Jason and I need to stress less and maybe in a few months we will be very less stressed. I may take him for a hike once falls crispness sets in.



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