we crossed the state line into pennsylvania in search of somewhere new.
after driving down a windy back road, a small city appeared in the distance.
washington is cozy. the main street lined with old buildings, my favorite. we
parked next to the courthouse and walked around the block, reading historical
markers along the way. the clocks reminded me of something out of harry potter.
we stumbled upon the end of the whiskey rebellion festival and it was getting dark.
we headed back to our little exit off the highway for dinner and drinks where i found
the best summer cocktail, a mix of strawberries, spiced rum and gingerale.

afterwards, we sat on the side of the road, watching the sun set over the valley.
remembering to appreciate the little things in life. the world can be a monumental beast,
but in small doses, it is the most beautiful thing you'll ever discover.


  1. Your pictures look amazing!! I hope one day I can visit Pennsylvania! It looks so beautiful!
    you have a lovely blog. New follower! :)

    Girls Talk... Fashion, Beauty, and Life!


    1. Thank you Daniela! It's definitely a place to see! :)

  2. love the pictures! especially the last 2.

  3. That photo of you in the sun is perfect!



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