+ a coffee margarita date.
+ catching up with kelly, lauren + amber.
+ opening night // nashville predators with dad.
+ an afternoon picnic at arrington vineyards.
+ river stompin' out in leiper's fork.
+ one of the best sunsets i've ever seen.

a few of my favorite memories while visiting home.


a few weeks ago i got to spend an afternoon with austin + sammi.
we were all about to embark on cross country trips so we caught up
on the details of each other's journeys over a few hours down by the river.
austin took us to her favorite little spot where we waded through the cold water
until we found a good tree to climb. we also made flower crowns and watched a sweet
old man painting by the side of the road. afterwards, we headed to the hill to watch the sunset.

check out austin and sammi's adventures here and here ....


i've now been home for two weeks and how has it already been that long?
the first week i was home was pure chaos. i spent time with family, celebrated
birthdays, did a summer's worth of laundry and caught up with my friends to the
point of feeling like a zombie. stress and exhaustian hit me all at once around dinner
time one thursday night. i spent the next two days doing absolutely nothing except for
watching thisthis and even this because for some reason i always want to watch it when
i'm seperated from carter. insert ugly crying here... i also tried to blog. there are about seven
drafts waiting to be published. however, my blogger account has been acting weird for months.

for my last nine days here in nashville, i am vowing to leave the house everyday.
spend time with every person i hold dear to my heart. and take one hundred photos.