after a month at home we are back on the road.
we made it to a small town in missouri five days ago.
we were greeted by grey skies, sleet and cornfields as far as
the eye can see. so far, so good. we've spent days working and
running errands. trying to eat clean and simple by using our camp
stove. and attempting to stay warm at night with the wintery weather.

we are looking forward to exploring different parts of missouri.
trips to st. louis, jefferson and kansas city are on the top of the list!


  1. love your hat gorgeous!


  2. it sounds so fun! i miss doing a road trip. and i miss feeling the rain on my body.

  3. what a dream! i would love to take a multi-destination road trip. this just might be the straw on the camel's back with this one... it looks so beautiful over there!

    1. do it! this is actually for work so it's not a "you choose your destination" but that makes it all the more exciting.


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