a few days ago i flew home to spend the thanksgiving holiday with family. i helped my parents prepare the feast, had 
breakfast with my grandmother, watched the parade, stayed up too late hanging out with my little brother, decorated the 
christmas tree, saw catching fire and had chocolate cake for breakfast. and in just a few weeks, we will do it all over again. 
this is truly the most wonderful time of the year. 

hope you and yours had a great holiday and ate cake for breakfast too!


finally, the last of the saint louis photos.

+ cozy fall neighborhoods
+ the best view of the city
+ looking up
+ catching up with our sweet friend jordyn
+ rise coffee shop
+ the loop
+ love of mine
+ sunrise over the missouri river

once more, this city did a number on us.
there is so much more i wanted to see, do and eat.
so until next time saint louis... check out part one here!

all photos taken with our iphones. 


fall in the midwest is remarkable. 
the streets are lined with colorful trees. the parks are filled with people looking up, looking down and smiling from ear to ear. the leaves crunching beneath your boots. the cold air whipping around you, making said leaves dance with the breeze. it's quite possibly the best feeling in the world, the one this season brings. bring a thermos of hot coffee, a cozy blanket and your cute boyfriend to cuddle with and you've got the perfect fall day. 


i think it's safe to say from my last post that st. louis was a special place. maybe it was the views or the incredible food we ate. but i'd say the seas of colorful trees had a lot to do with it. fall came and went too quickly here in the midwest. this was one of the best fall days of the season and i never want to forget it. 


last weekend we took a last minute overnight trip to saint louis. i've been looking forward to visiting the city ever since carter did back in the spring. after a lengthy car ride, we arrived at our hotel just as the sun was setting. it's hard to find the right words to describe just how breathtaking our room was. we sat in the windowsill and watched the bustling city below. we walked around the arch and the jefferson national expansion memorial park. [ try saying that five times fast ] and we ended the night with dinner and drinks at bridge taphouse. if you're ever in the area, you must give this place a try. we had the roasted poblano mac and cheese and the best brussel sprouts i've ever tasted. now i'm wishing we were working here in the city for a few weeks. and preferably out of this room...


here are the rest of the photos from our trip to the beach.
when we lived in charleston, we were lucky enough to visit this
beautiful home once or twice a year. it holds so many good memories.
meals on the patio, mimosas for breakfast, bike rides and alligator hunts,
days spent on the beach, nights spent telling stories and the most comfortable
bed i've ever slept in. each time it's the same, but we enjoy it like it may be our last...
this home is one of my favorite places on this earth.

see part one of our trip here.


while running errands we found ourselves hungry for lunch.
we were driving through the small town of brunswick, missouri.
there are around 1000 people in this cozy community. which happens
to be the pecan capital. there is literally a giant cement pecan in the town
square, a mile long stretch of road consisting of only three places to eat. one
of which is kaitlynn's deli + ice cream. we stopped in for a bite to eat and were
blown away by how wonderful this little spot was. we were the only ones in and
enjoyed our meal at the counter. kaitlynn was so kind and talked with us while we
ate. she told us a little about the town and why she enjoys living in a small community.

if you ever happen to be driving through northern missouri, keep an eye out for kaitlynn's deli.