while running errands we found ourselves hungry for lunch.
we were driving through the small town of brunswick, missouri.
there are around 1000 people in this cozy community. which happens
to be the pecan capital. there is literally a giant cement pecan in the town
square, a mile long stretch of road consisting of only three places to eat. one
of which is kaitlynn's deli + ice cream. we stopped in for a bite to eat and were
blown away by how wonderful this little spot was. we were the only ones in and
enjoyed our meal at the counter. kaitlynn was so kind and talked with us while we
ate. she told us a little about the town and why she enjoys living in a small community.

if you ever happen to be driving through northern missouri, keep an eye out for kaitlynn's deli.


  1. wow, only 3 places to eat? i think of place like Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls. but i think, i'm in love with this deli already. it just looks so homey

    1. haha, exactly! i love traveling to small towns because these are the type of places i end up.


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