a few photos from our christmas morning spent with my family. not pictured: the breakfast feast, the gift exchange aftermath, the holiday movie marathon, and the naps that lasted throughout the afternoon. 

to be noted - yes, my mom was gifted hey arnold socks. it's one of her favorite shows. also, my parents thought they were buying me a full set of copper mugs after seeing me use one the entire weekend of our wedding. however, they were shot glasses, which turns out couldn't be a more perfect gift. 


i've never been much of a perfume girl. i've been in love with the idea of it for some time. growing up, i always played with the bottles of chanel that lined my grandmother's dresser and watched my mom spritz the same scent for years. like every other 90's pre-teen, i owned scented body spray from various stores. you know, the ones that come in matching lotion, bath wash, bath bead, etc. as i got older, i often found myself trying to find a scent that i could hold on to for years to come.

over the holidays the founder of commodity goods sent over a fitting kit filled with samples of their various scents. each day i tried something different and made notes about which i liked and which i could live without. i quickly fell in love with a few scents and they were kind enough to send them my way.

my go to daytime scent is moss. it has a sweet, earthy scent to it and perfect for everyday wear. i find myself picking it up every morning and giving the back of my wrist a quick spritz. the perfect companion to my daily beauty routine.


over the weekend we drove to tennessee to spend the first half of the holidays with my family in franklin. not only is this our first christmas as a married couple, this will be our first holiday together and carter's first holiday away from his family. it's very important to me that this christmas is special and one to always remember. we've been relaxing since being home. picking up last minute christmas gifts as always (next year will be different, i promise!) eating at our favorite spots in town, and making sure the dvr is set to tape home alone, the holiday and elf. we've been drinking a lot of hot cocoa, wrapping gifts, and preparing for christmas eve when all the fun begins. it feels so good to be home!

merry christmas to you and yours! xx  - the millers


the past few weeks have looked like nothing but endless cups of warm tea, a messy bed, extra blankets, staying in pajamas, and watching movies all day. whatever strain of the flu that's gone around this year has quite literally continued to kick my butt since the night we returned from thanksgiving. on a warmer afternoon when cabin fever was at an all time high, we ventured out to cut a christmas tree. i even put makeup on. it was a christmas miracle. it took three nights to decorate our tree. one night to string the lights until i could barely stand. another night to re-string said lights and to sort through ornaments. and one last evening where we listened to christmas music, drank hot cocoa, made cookies, hung stockings, and finally hung the ornaments we've collected over the past five years. we've always loved the holidays and all it entails. we are looking forward to walking through snowy streets instead of sandy beaches and most importantly, spending our first christmas together. 


we recently made the move to the midwest and have enjoyed our time getting to know the area. we felt most fortunate to have some familiar faces here which has helped make this move less daunting.

during the month of october, my sweet friend amanda hosted ten of us in her beautiful home for our second weekend get-together. half of us live in the surrounding kansas city area so it was the perfect place to meet up for a few days. 

most of us arrived friday afternoon. we sipped on champagne, snacked on chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and gave bear hugs all around. we decided to spend the evening downtown. our first stop was thou mayest coffee roasters. after a quick latte and more sweets, we wandered through the first friday crowds. we made our way to lulu's where we grabbed dinner and drinks. the rest of the evening was spent sharing stories, watching youtube videos, drinking wine, dancing around the kitchen, making ridiculous videos, and catching up into the early hours of the morning. 

saturday started slowly and was just what we all needed. we made coffee and gathered in the kitchen to watch shannon prepare her incredible doughnuts. we spent the first few hours of the day together around the dining room table. we finally made it back into town around noon where we stopped into several thrift stores. afterwards, we made our way to quay coffee shop near the river market. the next hour was spent in front of a white washed wall where there was singing, dancing, picture taking, and a few awkward handstands. we grabbed dinner at oklahoma joe's [which i'm convinced is the greatest barbecue ever] before heading home for the night. we grabbed blankets, a little more wine, and started the fire. britt told us ghost stories, we shannon and jordie sang opera per usual, and we got all got pretty sappy watching wedding videos.

on sunday, we enjoyed one last meal and a build your own bloody mary bar together at port fonda before everyone went their seperate ways. the time spent with these women is so special to me. each one so different with a heart of gold. these friendships and memories are truly cherished.