i've been spending a lot of time in east tennessee lately. carter had a break inbetween jobs and is working out of the office, so we are enjoying time with family, catching up with friends, and eating our way through this town. yesterday, we experienced slightly warmer weather before the second poler vortex rolled in. we packed a picnic and set off to the smoky mountains national park. for years, this has been a special place to us. one of our favorite spots to visit is cade's cove. we put on our mountain playlist, rolled the windows down, turned the heat up and admired the scenery. we ended up parking at a big field near the middle of the loop. we grabbed a blanket and hiked until it was just us and the mountains. we laughed about how we've started doing little traditions that go back a few generations in his family and how we will one day bring our children here and do the same thing. as we are in the midst of planning our wedding, the thought of "this time, next year we will be husband and wife" just fills my heart with joy. there is so much for us to look forward to. not only this year but all of our lives.


  1. You'll love being married. It's the greatest :) Also, these pics=A+++

  2. beautiful.. your blog is so lovely!

  3. goodness I adore cades cove so much!

  4. goodness i adore cades cove so much!

  5. What beautiful photos! Thankyou for sharing.
    I know that exact feeling of 'this time next year we will be married', in fact, this time next week I will be married! Super exciting.

    -Teagan Kahla

    1. Your words really touched me. Thank you, Thank you! And congratulations to you! If you post about it, let me know. I'm in to all things wedding related lately :)


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