this afternoon i found myself alone for the first time in over two weeks. i sat down and responded to emails, finished editing photos from the holidays and read through all of the comments we received after the news of our engagement. my heart is so full after hearing from our friends and family all over the world. we've begun the planning process with countless lists being made and a possible venue picked out. while part of me wishes we could elope somewhere in the pacific northwest, the other part really wants our family and friends to celebrate this long awaited ceremony with us. i'm already enjoying the possibilities of finding the perfect dress, gathering a playlist of our favorite songs and planning a wedding that truly represents us. i've taken a few days to rest. let this all sink in. enjoy the calm and spend a few hours here and there gathering ideas from pinterest. there is so much to do in very little time. but all i know is, i can not wait to marry this man... 


  1. I just got married in October. Been a newlywed for 2 months! Do what your heart feels! It was amazing celebrating with family and friends, but there was added stress with that. I wouldn't have minded going away with a small group of people. No regrets, but I definitely still think about it. Please contact me if you have any questions!! I literally feel like i JUST got done planning and know so much!

    1. i will definitely keep that in mind. i think i remember reading a little bit about yours or maybe the planning process. either way, we've got the date, venue and photographer picked out so here's to the dress and all of the litte details!

  2. happy planning for you! also, i'm in love with your mug

  3. Congratulations! All the best for you planning.
    P.S love your mug!


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