we arrived in virginia late yesterday afternoon. after checking in to our hotel, we rushed to this open field to watch the sun set behind the snow covered blue ridge mountains. roanoke is a beautiful little town. we spent today driving across the state and back but settled again for the night in our snowy nook of the city. we're looking forward to exploring downtown tomorrow before heading to north carolina for the weekend. i love visiting these new places, even if for a short time, they always leave a lasting impression. see more of our travels from the past year here


the best way to enjoy a snow day... 

surrounded by those you love. snow crunching underneath your boots. sledding until you're sore. a snowman and a snowball fight.

i know so many are tired of these gloomy winter days. and i'll admit i'm ready for spring, too. however, so long as there is snow, winter is welcome here. which is good. considering virginia, north carolina and michigan are in our future. we're ready to get back on the road.


from this morning, when we awoke to eight inches of snow. so thankful for him and his adventurous heart. for taking me on snowy walks down empty streets and sledding in the middle of the night. for waking me up at dawn for mimosas and the perfect snow day. you're a keeper.

all photos taken with an iphone. 


hours spent looking out this window at remedy coffee. making lists, filling out contracts, sending emails, making plans, booking jobs, writing letters, pinning images, sipping lattes, people watching, music listening, book reading, passing time + dreaming of spring. this is my life lately


are we really already through the first week of february? how did this happen? where did last month go? i've spent the last few weeks commuting back and forth across tennessee to spend time with loved ones and cherish the unusual amount of time we've had home. we started wedding planning, hiked in the smokies, consumed a lot of warm beverages and spent time being more intentional with our daily interactions. all while attempting to stay inspired in a mostly uninspiring month. 

we also picked a venue and set a date. we will be heading into the woods to become husband and wife in 213 days. we couldn't be more excited! i'm looking forward to sharing more details about the big day!!