greetings from chapel hill!

i spent monday afternoon walking around the university. attempting to blend in while listening to this and taking in the sights. the swarm of people passing by, the way the streets smelled of fresh donuts, and how the trees were preparing their transition into spring. after a few hours of wandering, i met a handsome man on the street. i showed him my favorite finds from the day. the arboretum that was filled with blooming flowers. that one painted wall. and the homes i had chosen if we ever ended up here... one of our favorite pastimes. and we walked hand in hand before ending the night with drinks on a rooftop. i love doing life with him. 


we made our way east to north carolina earlier this week and have spent the last few days adjusting to this new area. we are tucked away in the small town of burlington for the next week or two. there are historic towns nearby that are filled with antique stores waiting to be scoured and cozy diners that are calling our names. here are a few photos from the trip here and an afternoon walk through the quiet streets of the nearby town, mabene.


M E M O R I E S  M A D E :

- camping on one of florida's coldest recorded nights
- hot chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner
- laying in a huge field in the warmth of the afternoon sun
- the always entertaining people watching
- campfires that last until morning
- surrounded by good friends and good music

B A N D S  S E E N :

- grey anastasio band
- big gigantic 
- betas antique
- galactic
- medeski, martin + wood
- zach deputy band
- anders osborne trio
- chali 2'na band
- orgone

photos from three years ago at spirit of suwannee park in live oak, florida. 
in honor of festival season approaching and because we are ready for weekends in the woods.