trails that are no longer bare but filled with a sea of green. blooming wildflowers. wild turkey gobbling in the distance. the sun peeking through the leaves. a cool breeze coming off of the lake. and the perfect song to give you one of those overwhelming life moments.

images from a solo hike around radnor lake. 


this easter weekend was so very special to me. i am beyond thankful to have spent it with not only my family but my future family as well. we also were able to spend our first easter together which made me realize how much i am looking forward to a lifetime of holidays together. i will be forever grateful for this life.


they're here! they're here!

it feels like it was just yesterday that we were walking around town, sharing our hopes and our deepest fears. for months i did my best to cheer up my sweet friend. my friend whose biggest dream was to become a mother. we would purchase little things for our "future box" and laugh about our babes someday being friends. when kelly told me she was expecting last summer, i burst into a million happy tears. i watched as the months went by and her belly began to grow. and when she broke the news that she was expecting twin boys, my heart could barely take it. i met liam and noah when they were six days old. they are calm. they love to be near one another. but mostly, they love being in their mama's arms. i can not wait for a summer filled of making memories with these three.


from an afternoon in the old historic district. 

we were so grateful when we arrived in downtown greensboro after a day filled with meetings and running errands. as soon as i saw the painted exterior of the green bean coffeehouse, i knew this town would be good to us. we stopped in to gather our thoughts over caramel lattes and enjoy the light leaking in through the front windows. next, we scoured through the vintage shops and admired the store fronts lining the streets. we eventually ended up at natty greene's brewing company for a few games of pool, shuffleboard and an early dinner. and although we already sound like an old married couple, i wouldn't have it any other way.