they're here! they're here!

it feels like it was just yesterday that we were walking around town, sharing our hopes and our deepest fears. for months i did my best to cheer up my sweet friend. my friend whose biggest dream was to become a mother. we would purchase little things for our "future box" and laugh about our babes someday being friends. when kelly told me she was expecting last summer, i burst into a million happy tears. i watched as the months went by and her belly began to grow. and when she broke the news that she was expecting twin boys, my heart could barely take it. i met liam and noah when they were six days old. they are calm. they love to be near one another. but mostly, they love being in their mama's arms. i can not wait for a summer filled of making memories with these three.


  1. Oh, Sara your words made me teary! It's amazing how far we've come since then. :) Cannot wait for adventures! Xx


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