+ waking up just to watch the sunrise over the sea
+ fish tacos and orange mango cocktails at rita's seaside grill
+ trips to bert's market to pick up chocolate sea salt paletas
+ a few moments alone, walking to the pier, hand in hand
+ taking our nephews to our favorite pizza spot in the world
+ morning walks to the juice joint
+ the coziest porch which i've decided i could live on forever

a few more photos from our time on folly beach. all taken with an iphone. 


it's been a little bit since i've had a few moments alone to gather my thoughts and process the month of may. there were good times and hard times and frankly, i'm happy it is ending. i spent a weekend with some wonderful friends, celebrated five years of togetherness, my baby brother graduated college and then was in a car accident... that was a long weekend. and we made a lot of progress with the wedding planning. we are a little less than one hundred days away and there are still so many things to get done. so after a crazy month, i'm taking a few personal weeks to travel and just breathe. 

we spent last week on the east coast. after a trip to the airport that rivals the mccallister's, i made it to charleston where a handsome man was there waiting to pick me up. we spent the first half of the week on folly beach with carter's family. the house was beautiful. with porches that overlooked the atlantic ocean and the most breathtaking morning light. i spent mornings in a rocking chair, sipping on my first cup of coffee and sharing conversations with a four year old. we spent our days on the beach and making trips to the market. and the evenings were spent around the table enjoying meals and laughing together as a family.

here are a few moments from the beginning of our trip. all taken with an iphone. 


we are no strangers to distance. in fact, we are pretty much used to it by now. but even after all of these years, it's no easier than that first summer when i watched him leave for charleston. 

these last two years with a traveling job has brought distance back into our lives. we have been fortunate enough to be together for the most part, but there have been a few months where it just wasn't possible. we experienced this during spring. when the wedding planning was in full swing. when everyone wanted answers to questions that i simply did not have. we had a really hard few days that second week of may. so when his job ended, i drove to the mountains to spend a few days by his side. we took a trip to the smokies. we taught our nephew how to fish and had a picnic with family. we ate vanilla macarons and enjoyed dinner at our favorite spots in town. then i watched him drive away once again as he left for michigan.  this is a little film of moments from our visit. these are the memories i hold onto. 

see more little films here


this place has been on my hiking bucketlist for years now. it's so close to us while visiting in east tennessee. however, it has never worked out. we packed a bag for a full day in the mountains and set off for the smokies. the drive up the mountain takes patience but on a clear and warm spring day, it is peaceful. we rolled the windows down, turned on lord huron and made our way to the top. clingman's dome is the highest mountain in the great smoky mountain national park with an elevation of 6,643 feet. once we made it, the wind was gusting over thirty mph and the temperature had dropped fifteen degrees. we decided to attempt the half mile hike up to the observation tower where the wind was nearly unbearable. after taking in the panoramic views of the earth below, we decided to head back to the car. we originally had planned to hike one of the nearby trails but chose to save it for a warmer and less breezy day. we picked up another patch and a few postcards for friends and made our way back to the base of the mountain where we noted how fortunate we felt to be able to visit such beautiful places.


okay. so technically, franklin is a cozy town in the outskirts of nashville. about fifteen miles south to be exact. it's where the three of us "nashvillians" live so we knew we wanted to show our friends around. we woke up saturday morning and stopped by the franklin farmer's market. we enjoyed crepes, fresh yogurt with granola, hot chicken and the best orangeade i've ever had. we picked up a variety of cheeses, rosemary bread and strawberries for a picnic later in the afternoon. and then we made a quick stop by the abandoned silo to take a few photos which turned into jumping fails and straight up, laughing so hard you cry, silliness. we listened to music, let the babies nap and planned our afternoon. on sunday morning, we came back to franklin to eat a delicious brunch at gray's pharmacy on main street before saying goodbye. while nashville will always be the place i grew up, franklin is where i currently come home to and i've loved these last seven years here. 

places to eat, drink + enjoy something sweet:

meridee's cafe + bakery
puckett's grocery
gray's pharmacy
the coffeehouse
frothy monkey


the next stop on our weekend in nashville was the twelve south neighborhood. i grew up around this area and have watched it evolve over the last ten years. unfortunately, our visit here was cut short but we managed to stop by a few favorite spots first. we shopped around white's mercantile and imogene + willie. and couldn't leave before grabbing a few popsicles at las paletas! if you're ever visiting nashville, make sure to spend an afternoon here. we didn't have a chance to enjoy the all of the incredible food, so we will just have to save that for next time! 

places to eat, drink + enjoy something sweet:

+ burger up
+ edly's bbq
+ 12 south taproom
+ the filling station
+ las paletas
+ jeni's ice cream


a weekend with my favorite girls could not have come at a better time. once we were all together, it seemed as if we had each been carrying something heavy and needed the comfort only your friends can provide. after a few trips to the airport, we met at pinewood social in downtown nashville for coffee, cocktails, and a more than a few appetizers. we each spent time loving on sweet theo, watching kelly be a super mama and going around the table sharing stories. pinewood was such a great place to start our weekend. between the crema coffee, fried broccoli, and a table that could accomodate the eleven of us, we could not have asked for anything better.