we are no strangers to distance. in fact, we are pretty much used to it by now. but even after all of these years, it's no easier than that first summer when i watched him leave for charleston. 

these last two years with a traveling job has brought distance back into our lives. we have been fortunate enough to be together for the most part, but there have been a few months where it just wasn't possible. we experienced this during spring. when the wedding planning was in full swing. when everyone wanted answers to questions that i simply did not have. we had a really hard few days that second week of may. so when his job ended, i drove to the mountains to spend a few days by his side. we took a trip to the smokies. we taught our nephew how to fish and had a picnic with family. we ate vanilla macarons and enjoyed dinner at our favorite spots in town. then i watched him drive away once again as he left for michigan.  this is a little film of moments from our visit. these are the memories i hold onto. 

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