we spent our first weekend in michigan in the woods. we drove up to muskegon state park where we pitched a tent for the night just a few yards from lake michigan. we arrived at the park mid afternoon and were excited to find our campsite tucked back in the trees. we got our tent set up, changed into our suits and made our way to the lake. those first few steps down the wooden boardwalk were breathtaking. i never imagined lake michigan resembling the ocean shore. there was a strong haze but water as far as the eye could see. we spent a few hours exploring our surroundings. walking along the beach and cooling off in the water before heading back for supper. we sat by the fire, roasting marshmallows while listening to the earth settle for the night. and after a few s'mores, we did the same.

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  1. Incredible views, I love the mix of forest and beach, sounds and looks like the perfect camping trip, especially since there were smores!


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