photo by: ulmer studios

eating / blackberries and paletas
drinking / lots of water and rosemary honey lattes
practicing / sweet dance moves for my wedding
buying / little treasures at thrift stores, saddle blankets, milk glasses, baskets
mastering / the art of planning a wedding 
learning / to properly assemble and address invitations
trying / to be outside as much as possible
playing / the ukelele 
finishing / music playlists
reading / nothing currently. now accepting recommendations
remembering / to take deep breaths
wearing / summer sundresses
cooking / lean cuisines out of a hotel room
working / on editing images, planning a bridal shower, oh and a wedding
traveling / around the southeast with my love
wanting / to make it out of these last seven weeks alive

hi! just checking in over here. this past month has passed by in a hazy blur. i've spent the last four weeks on the road. it was unexpected and just what i needed. i made it home a few days ago and in between meetings and birthday celebrations there is this wedding that i am planning. and in forty-two days it will all be over. so for now, i am embracing the chaos and anticipating that saturday afternoon where i will become a mrs. || this post was inspired by my sweet friend, amanda over at beetle & fig


  1. oh man I bet you are just running around busy, but the best type of busy where the love is overwhelming huh?! Love these photos I can't wait to see more!

    1. girl, i am trying not to lose my mind. but in the best way possible :)

  2. what a gorgeous picture! you look breathtaking dear =)

  3. love your blog! seriously cannot get enough of it. beautiful pictures everywhere!!

  4. I'm loving this. judging by your style and personality, I have a feeling that you're going to have a beautiful wedding.


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