summer is... long walks and good conversation
summer is... dinner dates and colorful walls
summer is... cocktail experiments and paper straws 
summer is... holiday firsts and matching attire
summer is... a warm breeze and mornings spent by the river
summer is... searching for flowers and sweaty top knots 
summer is... bikes ride before and after supper
summer is... paletas at any time of day

a few of my favorite moments from summer thus far and what this season has meant for me.


  1. LOVE!

    Where are those brown sandals from in the second picture?

    xoxo, kerri

  2. these pictures are so summery feeling. <3

  3. I love all these pictures, especially the scenic ones && the bike one!! Also I'm loving those brown gap sandals :)

  4. I LOVE all of these! I can't believe it's already August and I still have so many fun summer things to do! Your pictures make me want to run outside right now and go DO things! :-)


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