here is a list of things that happened during the month of august:

- took afternoon walks around the neighborhood
- went chasing waterfalls for our engagement photos
- celebrated carter's 27th trip around the sun
- wore moccasins despite the summer heat
- spent hours chasing our nephews around the backyard
- found my dream dress
- planned our honeymoon
- made a few very big decisions for our future
- escaped to the mountains on a sunday afternoon
- felt so loved surrounded by family and friends at my bridal showers
- picked up our marriage license and finished planning our wedding!!!

and here is a list of things that did not happen:

- blogging. i just threw my hands up on this one
- have a stress free last month of wedding planning
- my dream dress fitting like a glove.
- camping on the weekends or any day for the matter
- giving up spaghetti, truffle fries, and macaroni & cheese
- writing thank you notes in a reasonable timeframe

august, you were splendid.... sorta


over the weekend we celebrated our upcoming nuptials with a brunch themed bridal shower thrown by my family. complete with doughnuts, mimosas, macarons, and my favorite vanilla belgium waffles. it was so great to spend a few hours with my family and friends celebrating us. a special thank you to everyone who was a part of this day! xx


over the weekend, we travelled to east tennessee for a few days of celebrating. we are officially one month away from the wedding, carter turned twenty-seven and i attended my first bridal shower. it was a weekend filled with love, a lot of happy tears and ice cream cake for breakfast. by sunday, i was emotionally exhausted. so after breakfast, carter suggested we take a drive to the great smoky mountains national park. there is nothing better than the feeling of the cool, mountain air whipping through your fingers on the drive up. we pulled over and made our way down the moss covered rocks until we reached the river. we skipped rocks, dipped our toes in the cold stream and let the sun peeking through the trees warm our faces. days like these make me miss living near this beautiful place, where we can sneak off to for a few hours. it's been so special to us over the years. we often daydream of finding a home nearby and raising mountain babes. but for now, days such as these will surely be cherished.