here is a list of things that happened during the month of august:

- took afternoon walks around the neighborhood
- went chasing waterfalls for our engagement photos
- celebrated carter's 27th trip around the sun
- wore moccasins despite the summer heat
- spent hours chasing our nephews around the backyard
- found my dream dress
- planned our honeymoon
- made a few very big decisions for our future
- escaped to the mountains on a sunday afternoon
- felt so loved surrounded by family and friends at my bridal showers
- picked up our marriage license and finished planning our wedding!!!

and here is a list of things that did not happen:

- blogging. i just threw my hands up on this one
- have a stress free last month of wedding planning
- my dream dress fitting like a glove.
- camping on the weekends or any day for the matter
- giving up spaghetti, truffle fries, and macaroni & cheese
- writing thank you notes in a reasonable timeframe

august, you were splendid.... sorta

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