the morning after our wedding, i woke up next to my husband. the cabin was dark and it took longer than usual to come to life. we mustered the strength to get out of bed although all we wanted was more sleep. we drank coffee in the lodge with our loved ones, gathered our things, and hugged our friends and family goodbye. we opened a few gifts, ate fast food, and finished packing before heading to the airport. it was a bittersweet feeling pulling out of the driveway and watching my dad watch us drive away. we flew to phoenix first, where we grabbed dinner and waited for our connecting flight to salt lake city. something was said on the airplane that triggered a flood of emotions. my cheeks were tear stained so i gave in to the weariness, closed my eyes and held on to carter. i was missing the previous day. i wanted to do it all over again, hug everyone, spend more time with certain people, eat more food, take more photos; i wanted all of it. and he felt the same, minus the photos. but the day had passed and fast as lightning. we pulled into the hotel around midnight, where we climbed under the covers and were out in minutes. 

waking up in salt lake city was such a welcomed surprise. we wanted to see as much as we could and planned to drive to wyoming from there. we had a delicious breakfast at pig and a jelly jar. they had strawberry coconut and blueberry lavendar homemade jam which i could have enjoyed with a spoon. we grabbed coffee to go and headed north where every turn was worth fawning over. we took our time. we pulled over, danced in empty roads, and admired how the sky met the earth ahead of us. five hours later, we pulled into jackson with grateful, happy hearts. ready for a week in the woods. 


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