while visiting teton village, we rode the aerial tram up to rendezvous mountain. the temperature dropped with every mile but the views just kept getting better. looking out over the snake river valley and gros ventre range, you almost forget that you're terrified of heights and ten thousand feet up. we had planned to hike a few miles. however, due to high winds, two kids with asthma, and the bear we saw charging down the mountain, our plans changed. we managed to walk around the summit until our fingers were frozen and hot chocolate was calling our names. 


  1. Whoa. A bear charging? That must have been something to see (from a safe distance, obvs.) Grizzly?

    1. Yes! It was crazy. Most likely a baby grizzly but that meant mama wasn't too far behind!

  2. hot cocoa solves everything. and bears charging scares the crap outta me haha


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