one morning, we decided to visit teton village. we picked up coffee and pastries from the bunnery bakery before making our way to the mountain. the drive over is breathtaking. as you wind around the base of the mountain, lob cabins and fields of livestock line the road. you turn a corner and suddenly there are parachutes falling from the sky. we walked around the village before riding the aerial tram up rendezvous mountain. all i could think was how beautiful this place must be once its covered in snow for the winter months. 


  1. loving ALL your blog posts lady! making me want to get on the road and explore so badly. summer is just around the corner for us in new zealand so I can't wait for the time when I can get out there and adventure just like you two! Keep them coming xo

    1. thank you sweet ariana! i can only imagine how beautiful new zealand is all year round! i would love to visit there someday.

  2. so beautiful. with that hills in the background and all. this places reminds me of german village somehow. so pretty


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