while in jackson, we stayed at the rustic inn. upon arrival, we were congratulated by the staff and made our way to our cabin which sat along a stream. there were rose petals, wine, local craft beer, a cheese board, and chocolate covered strawberries waiting in our room. a sweet surprise from my husband and a few for him from my dad! we poured some wine and toasted to our marriage. that we were here, in this beautiful place and that we were married!! it was joyful, and warm and overwhelming and a moment i will always remember.

we spent most of our mornings at the lodge enjoying breakfast before long days out in the mountains. and most of our nights ended by a fire in the teepee. also, heated bathroom floors! it was the perfect little spot for us to spend our days while honeymooning.


  1. ok that last pic is so sweet. such a sweet and loving couple with such kind eyes. that isnt' meant to be creepy, i can just tell you're such great people :)

  2. Beautiful!! What a perfect and relaxing honeymoon!


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