i've never been much of a perfume girl. i've been in love with the idea of it for some time. growing up, i always played with the bottles of chanel that lined my grandmother's dresser and watched my mom spritz the same scent for years. like every other 90's pre-teen, i owned scented body spray from various stores. you know, the ones that come in matching lotion, bath wash, bath bead, etc. as i got older, i often found myself trying to find a scent that i could hold on to for years to come.

over the holidays the founder of commodity goods sent over a fitting kit filled with samples of their various scents. each day i tried something different and made notes about which i liked and which i could live without. i quickly fell in love with a few scents and they were kind enough to send them my way.

my go to daytime scent is moss. it has a sweet, earthy scent to it and perfect for everyday wear. i find myself picking it up every morning and giving the back of my wrist a quick spritz. the perfect companion to my daily beauty routine.

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