the past few weeks have looked like nothing but endless cups of warm tea, a messy bed, extra blankets, staying in pajamas, and watching movies all day. whatever strain of the flu that's gone around this year has quite literally continued to kick my butt since the night we returned from thanksgiving. on a warmer afternoon when cabin fever was at an all time high, we ventured out to cut a christmas tree. i even put makeup on. it was a christmas miracle. it took three nights to decorate our tree. one night to string the lights until i could barely stand. another night to re-string said lights and to sort through ornaments. and one last evening where we listened to christmas music, drank hot cocoa, made cookies, hung stockings, and finally hung the ornaments we've collected over the past five years. we've always loved the holidays and all it entails. we are looking forward to walking through snowy streets instead of sandy beaches and most importantly, spending our first christmas together. 

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