it's been more than a few weeks since we first received the photos from our wedding by our good friends the ulmers. we had been in missouri, our current home, for about seven long, frustrating weeks. opening the box filled with polaroids from both our engagement session and wedding day was a much welcomed joyous moment. ever since, i've been attempting to gather my thoughts and share with you about our wedding weekend. 

we got married during the first weekend of september. for eight months, we planned our wedding together while traveling around the east coast and living out of a hotel. we knew we wanted simple. we wanted to be outdoors, in the woods, and we wanted to be surrounded by close friends and family. we attempted to do as much of the planning together as possible. we picked a venue, designed invitations, chose the music for the ceremony, created playlists for the reception, and made sure to keep things simple. we chose to keep the "theme" natural and ethereal. we were surrounded by the woods and did not want to take away from it's beauty. we kept our decorations to an array of wildflowers, a few handmade items, and things we already owned. 

we arrived friday morning at the lodge to spend the weekend with our loved ones. we invited friends from all over the country and along with our families, we spent the next few days celebrating us, crying all over the place, eating incredible food, drinking moscow mules, making bonfires, and staying up until dawn.

we decided before hand that we wanted to spend saturday together. everyone warned us about how quickly the day would pass and it did! i am so thankful to have a day's worth of memories together. a morning prayer, mimosas, a toast, breakfast, fishing, finishing playlists, getting the lodge together, the storm that blew the power out, the sun coming back out just in time for pictures, the chaos, the heat, the way it felt to watch him and our families walk down the aisle to this song, walking down from the cabin with my dad to this song, our five minute ceremony, kissing a lot, hugging two hundred people, smashing cake in each other's faces, our first dance, dancing and crying with my dad to our song, dancing our butts off until dawn, and waking up a few hours later next to my husband.....

greatest. day. ever.
(and now i'm crying after listening to all of those songs!) such treasured memories.

we are so grateful to our close friends and family for all of their hard work and for loving us like they do. we couldn't have done it without you all! xx

see more photos from our wedding on instagram using the hashtag: #happilyevermiller  


on new year's eve we started the day with a drive through the smoky mountains and a snowy hike on the chimney tops trail. the trail is a relatively easy two miles with a slow incline to the top. we were shocked to see all of the snow at this part of the mountain but no compaints here. we hiked around the river, had a mini snowball fight, and slid across the icy bridges. we made it only a little over a mile when we realized it would be smart to turn around. although i was sad not to hike to the overlook, it was so cold and we really wanted to make it to midnight this year. hopefully we can hike the full trail next time we visit!