hello! if you're reading this now, thank you for checking in with this little space inspite of a few months of silence. after sharing the details from our wedding, honeymoon, our move to the midwest, and the holidays, it felt like a good time to take a small step back. the winter blues set in a little bit and i was left feeling burnt out. and truthfully, i just wanted to spend some time with my husband. away from shooting, editing, and attempting to write up something i felt was worth reading. 

it was an adjustment, that winter season. but we survived. we spent our evenings preparing dinner together. we binge watched the office and parenthood. we ventured out in the snow. we finally purchased a couch. and we dreamed of warmer weather. now that spring has arrived, we have spent as much time as possible outdoors. we built our bikes and are enjoying afternoon rides through the neighborhood. we're researching places nearby to go camping. and looking forward to sunday afternoons at the lake... fishing, picnics, and naps underneath blue skies. 

needless to say, i haven't been all that busy. quite the opposite, actually. however, i have a lot to share here. so that's it. i'm back. and looking forward to catching up with all of you, too. thanks again for supporting this little space of mine.  xx


  1. So nice to see you back in this neck of the woods, :) sounds like your break was much needed! xx

  2. Welcome back! You've been missed : ]

  3. So happy you are back! And that photo of you... Amazing. <3


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