for years we have talked about taking a trip to colorado. there are so many cities and national parks that i dream of visiting someday. when we found ourselves with a long easter weekend, we jumped at the chance for a little mountain getaway. we made a list of places to explore, packed a suitcase, and took a direct flight into denver. it was cold and raining when we arrived. the city was covered in fog and it was a complete dream. as we drove up to boulder where we would be staying for the weekend, snow started to fall. thankfully, we packed light winter gear. we checked into our place, changed into warmer clothes, and walked downtown to grab dinner. the weekend away was just what we needed to cure the winter blues. i'm so excited to share our few days in colorado with you! 

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  1. I'll be visiting Colorado in June for the first time! I cannot wait to go exploring and really get to visit some of the parks and other fun things :) I can't wait to read what you share from your experience there


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