when researching for somewhere to stay in boulder, we had two questions for ourselves; where do we want to be located and how often will we need to drive. naturally, we searched for hotels first but found them to be either out of our price range or too far outside of town. i began searching airbnb for a place we would feel comfortable staying in. for some reason, staying in a hotel where thousands of different people stay feels natural, while staying in a stranger's home makes us weary. i narrowed down the search to a small cabin tucked away in the canyon and a cozy apartment just blocks from the square. we decided to go with the apartment for its' central location and space. we knew we would drive to the mountains each day and wanted the luxury of walking to pearl street. 

the apartment worked out great for us. it was filled with the most beautiful light peeking through in the mornings, a comfortable bed to come home to after the long days, and a front porch to sit and enjoy coffee. we were able to walk to the farmers market in the morning, grab breakfast, and then come back home and change clothes once the sun had been up for a few hours. we will definitely use airbnb again for future travels. i'm so glad to have taken these photos of the home to remember this special little spot in the heart of boulder. 


  1. Cool beans! I love the yellow couch! :D

  2. Cute. I'm actually obsessed with this and wishing something like this had been an option in Colorado Springs. But we are staying in a B&B there too so I'll have to share some pictures when I go in June!


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