we just returned back to the midwest after an incredible week on the east coast and are already plotting our next visit. charleston is so special to us. we moved there when we were twenty-two. we lived in a tiny studio apartment overlooking a creek. my favorite room was the kitchen. we would sleep in on weekends and cook pancakes. one day, carter traded some old bike parts for a couch and moved it into the kitchen so i could sit and write while looking out at coleman boulevard. it was the city that inspired me to turn my passion for creating into a business. and it was where we dreamed of traveling the world together and someday returning to raise a family by the shore. currently, we are pursuing two of those dreams. after this visit, we are brainstorming and praying about our return. 

we spent the first few days in mount pleasant, revisiting some of our favorite places; poe's tavern, page's okra grillred's icehouse, and the greatest spot in the world, d'allesandro's pizza. we woke up early to run the bridge, spent hours on sullivan's island, and caught up with old friends before heading to folly beach for our annual trip with carter's family. after spending the first part of the week constantly on the go, it was nice to settle in at my favorite home on folly. i love to wake up early and catch the sunrise with my father-in-law. we sip on coffee and rock on the porch while watching surfers and dolphins swim by. sometimes we walk down to grab breakfast by the pier. usually smoothies, acai bowls, or breakfast burritos. and then we claim our spot for the day. some of us sit with our chairs in the water, the older guys play bocce or kick a soccer ball until someone sprains an ankle (ahem, husband...) the younger boys play in tidal pools or chase birds, and the girls flip through magazines. you can find me doing all of these things. i'm lucky if i get a few minutes to myself where i can relax. 

we snack throughout the day and sip on cocktails before dinner where we sit on the deck enjoying the company and the breeze. i think we managed to stay up until midnight one of those nights, the six of us playing card games and laughing hysterically over drinks. but for the most part, i was dozing off to the sound of the waves shortly after ten. 

when we are in charleston, our lifestyle is different. we slow down. we ride bikes all over town. we comb the beaches for wildlife, never taking anything from where it came from. we appreciate the way the tide rolls in and out. we spend hours sitting together, and find ourselves dreaming about raising our children here just like we did years ago. we live more intentionally and love more deeply here.  and whether or not we settle here again someday, this place will always be dear to our hearts. 

a few photos from my camera from our time in charleston. sadly, i lost the first half of our trip while cleaning out my hard drive. you can see more photos from past visits here


  1. This is so sweet, and what a meaningful connection you have to this city! I also hope you get to return there soon, if it's your dream!

  2. LOVE charleston! looks like a wonderful trip!


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