dear husband -

six years ago we started this life long love story of ours. you smiled at me. that same smile you had given me every tuesday night for months and thought i didn't notice. you ran over to my car as my heart was breaking on the inside, thinking we had just missed this chance of you and me. and then it happened. and we both knew it in that very moment. and here we are today. two thousand and some odd days later. dreaming of what's to come next for us. continuously falling in love with you and consequently praying for seventy more years by your side. thank you for loving me so well, always. 

for the first time since that first night, our dating anniversary falls on a tuesday. we are celebrating with love letters, margaritas, and a fiesta in our backyard. thank god for taco tuesday and for this man of mine who reminds me to celebrate everything in life. 

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