there are still a few weeks until summer but here in the midwest, it's been insanely hot for the past two weeks. a couple of days ago, i received a package from the beach people and it could not have come at a more perfect time. inside was the majorelle roundie towel and jute tote bag along with a personalized note. after opening, i got a call from carter saying he was coming home early. we made lunch, packed a bag, and decided to head to the lake with the hope to spend the afternoon in the sun. an hour later, we arrived and realized that after the monumental rainfall over the past month, the entire lake was flooded. we parked at an empty campsite and walked on to the flooded shoreline. it was a peaceful afternoon, laying there together under the shade of a lonely tree. 

we've got some exciting trips coming up this summer and i'm looking forward to bringing the majorelle with me! it rolls up and fits perfectly in the jute bag. it's so soft and big enough for two which has me excited for the summer days to come. thanks again to the ladies over at the beach people for sending this beauty my way!

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