Our second stop on our Florida trip was to Cocoa Beach. We spent four days at the Hilton Oceanfront Hotel and it was the perfect spot for our stay. We spent the first day lounging by the pool while mapping out where Carter would need to travel for work. Most of the job sites he visits require a lot of time and patience mapping out unlisted back roads and there was no better place to work. While Carter spent a few hours each day in the field, I kept myself busy. 

Each morning, I grabbed my coffee to go and made my way to the beach to write. Then I spent a few hours working from the hotel restaurant enjoying a delicious breakfast with a view. I found out one morning that the space station was doing a launch so I walked down past the pier to get a better view. You can't tell from the photo above, but there was a tiny flame that was visible until it made its' way through the clouds. And of course, we ended up visiting during the men's world cup so we found ourselves spending a few exciting afternoons at the hotel's tiki bar. The staff there were all so friendly and accomodating, something we appreciate so much.

We really fell in love with Cocoa Beach and were sad to say goodbye. It reminded us of all the reasons we enjoy and miss living on the beach. Hopefully we make our way back again soon. 

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